Div1 Bracket

Div2 Bracket

The Clayton Shaw Basketball Season begins October 2nd!

We expect to have 7 teams in each division and, like previous years, each team will play in a minimum of 18 regular season games and 2 playoff games.

League fees are $2000 per team. This means that the average cost per player for a team with 10 players is less than $10/game. A bargain for playing in an organizad league with prizes and officials.

September 15th - Confirm that your team is entering the league (email the league President).
September 22nd - League fees and team rosters are due. Please make cheques payable to: Clayton Shaw Men's Basketball Association

Rule changes for 2006/2007
Please refer to the League Rules and Constitution for a complete listing.

1b. If overtime is required due to a tie, teams will play up to two 5-minute overtime periods. Overtime periods will be played straight time with a 30 second stop-time time-out available per team per period.

1c. Once the season commences, the schedule is final. Appeals to have games changed must be made with a minimum of 7 days notice to the league office. The team that requests the change must pay a $100 fee for the new gym time and cost of officials regardless of whether or not the league has incurred any additional costs.

3e. Game scoresheets must be turned in to the league office within 24 hours of the completion of the game by the winning team's representative. In addition to this, the final scores must be e-mailed to the league office within 24 hours in order to update the website. Failure to do so will result in a default of the game by the winning team.

6e. All teams are required to have an alternative color of uniform available. It is highly recommended that all uniform tops be reversible in order to avoid like colors being used by different teams.

Teams requiring uniforms or other athletic gear are asked to contact Don @ Playfair Athletics (539-3230). Visit their website at